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We stock a huge inventory of furnace air filters and air conditioner filters — residential, commercial, institutional or industrial. Specializing in custom and odd-sized filters  for home and office, we have the filtration technology to meet your indoor air quality needs. No job too large or too small!

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Link and Ring PanelGlobal Filter Source is the premier distributor of state-of-the-art home air filters for furnace and  air conditioner (HVAC) systems. We carry the industry's most extensive inventory for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Our experienced technicians will guide you in the selection of the right filtration solution for your indoor air quality needs.

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Global Filter Source specializes in odd-sized, custom and hard-to-find replacement air filters for virtually all HVAC manufacturers!

Healthy Home Filters - antimicrobial

Healthy Home Filter Antimicrobial HVAC Filters - These revolutionary multi-stage filters are tBuy Nowen time more effective than standard filters, eliminate germs and bacteria and last up to 100 days..

TRI-DEK Ring Panel & Link Filters

TRI-DEK™ Ring Panel and Link Replacement Filters - Multi-graduated, laminated filtration for superior air cleaning at an economical price. "Dacron" fibers for extended efficiency, tensile strength and durability.

electrostatic furnace air filters

Ultra Electrostatic Air Conditioner and Furnace Filtration - Advanced technology three-stage filtration and capture of dust particles, bacteria, mold, fungi and mildew. Up to 87% efficient.

 Pleated Air Conditioning Filters
Pleated Air Filters - Economical efficiency in a variety of filtration media — fiberglass, activated carbon, antimicrobial and more.
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Home Air conditioner Filters

Custom / Odd-Sized Home Air Filters - We stock more than 100 odd-sized, hard-to-find replacement filters for virtually all heating and air conditioner manufacturers, new or old.

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Air Filter Specialists

furnace filtersWhether your maintenance needs are home or commercial, Global Filter Source offers the filtration expertise and extensive inventory to keep your heating and air conditioning systems operating at optimum efficiency. Installation of high-quality air filters is perhaps the single most effective strategy for improving indoor air quality and minimizing operation costs.

Filters work to keep the coils and heat exchangers on your furnace or air conditioner clean, which helps the HVAC system to work most efficiently, as well as prolonging the life of the unit.

antimicrobialThey also help to remove particulate (dusts, allergens, mites, bacteria, mildew, mold and more) from indoor air. Different environments have different filtration requirements homes and offices place different demands, the presence of pets and level of traffic are also factors to consider. If asthma sufferers spend time in the home or office, removing allergens from the air stream is even more important. New construction presents different challenges than older construction.

Air filters come in a wide variety of media and price points. There are fiberglass, cotton, synthetic fibers, pleated, non-woven, electrically charged metals, just to name a few. Each has its own filtration characteristics, costs and filter life. Antimicrobial filtration material inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold and fungi on the filter itself. Deciding on the appropriate air filters for your HVAC involves a balanced consideration of all of the factors of your individual circumstances.

The array of options available can be confusing. Let our experienced filter technicians help you determine the replacement filters that are best suited to your specific needs. And we'll get you set on a filter-changing schedule that will maximize your system's efficiency.

pollen, pet dander, allergens, moldHidden Hazards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that pollution inside your home or office is typically five times worse than outside air. The air in your home or office is typically streaming with tiny particles most one micron and smaller in size (a human hair is about 45 microns in diameter). This microscopic particulate is made up of pollen, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dusts, smoke and more. Dirty air can have adverse health effects, particularly to the upper respiratory tract. It can also mean a dirtier, dustier home or office, with particles settling on surfaces and embedding in furniture and carpeting. HVAC systems can't operate at optimum efficiency when clogged filters prevent free airflow, and this can also negatively impact the longevity of costly heating and air conditioning systems.

Replacement Filter Overview

Ring Panel/Link Panel Air Filters - Constructed of two-to-four layers of laminated synthetic filter media, these feature an internal corrosion-resistant frame. The friction-fit gasket selvage edge minimizes inefficient air bypass. Panels may be linked to create one filter for the entire width of your air handler.

Pleated Air Conditioner and Furnace Air Filters - Generally made of a high-loft, non-woven cotton/synthetic blend media with a moisture-resistant frame, the v-shaped pleats achieve higher surface area than standard disposable fiberglass filters, for maximum airflow and enhanced particulate capture. Most should be changed every 90 days.

Electrostatic Replacement Filters - Permanent, washable filters that carry an electronic charge, which acts as an attractant to airborne particles — dust, mold, pollen, mildew, bacteria, viruses and fungi. These filters should be washed with a mild detergent and warm water when dirty.

What's in A MERV?

MERV is an industry standard rating for air filters that measures its ability to trap particles ranging in size from 3 to 10 microns. Home air filters commonly have MERV ratings from 1 to 12 — the higher the rating, the more efficient the filter is at trapping particles.

To determine a MERV, solid particles of varying sizes are introduced into the test system, upstream from the test filter. A laser particle counter alternately samples air upstream and downstream from the test filter. This is done on the clean filter and after five dust feedings. The lowest efficiency for each range is used to determine the Composite Minimum Efficiency and assign a MERV rating.

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ASHRAE - 52.2 Air Filter Standards

ASHRAE 52.2 standards

ALA - Air Quality in Large Buildings


EPA - Fact Sheet: Ventilation and Air Quality in Offices


NIOSH - Guidelines for Protecting Building Environments


OSHA - Technical Manual: Indoor Air Quality Investigation

OSHA regulations guidelines

DOE-EERE - Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning


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